Story Taster Box


A great way to try our meat. Use discount code STORYTASTER at checkout for £5 off your first order of this box. Contains whole chicken, minute steaks, mince or stewing steak, sausages and bacon.

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We’ve designed our Taster Box to give you a great value introduction to our meat. Use coupon code STORYTASTER on your first box for a £5 discount. Only available as a one off, see our other boxes for recurring orders.

1 x Whole Chicken – approx – 1.4kg – 1.6kg
2 x Native Breed Beef Minute Steaks 400g
1 x 100% Pasture Fed Native Breed Steak Mince or Stewing Steak – 450g
1 x Rare Breed Sausages – 400g
1 x Rare Breed Dry Cured Bacon – 250g