2*Chicken Breasts. 400g


2 chicken breasts, approx 400g

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The story organic free-range chickens are a traditional breed, that range well and are particularly suited to organic production.

They love to be outdoors even in the rain! exercising and eating lush clover rich grass. Day old chicks are initially reared in temperature controlled brooder units until 28 days old where they are moved to free range units.

All of our birds are reared organically which means they are

  • Free to range on organic pasture
  • They are given organic feed which is GM and pesticide free
  • They are housed in small colonies
  • They are produced to high levels of animal welfare
  • They are not given routine antibiotics


If you are confused by all the different chicken labels we aim to ensure that you are only buying the best. Obviously we know that Organic birds are the best (usually the main difference being Organic poultry must always be fed organic grain and their stocking density is lower, the price of organic grain is very expensive and 100% clear of any imported GM foods.

Free-range poultry can be subjected to GM soya / grain food but generally there is no welfare difference, just price. However our free range birds are fed a low density GM free, additive and antibiotic free diet to allow slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour.

Then you can buy RSPCA freedom foods, then High Welfare Indoor Chickens, pretty much everything else is a very distant fifth, “Red Tractor”, Farm Assured and other clever wording doesn’t mean a lot in the end to the animals living standards.