Christmas 2016

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Our usual Christmas deliveries are available on Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd. Please note limited delivery slots available over Christmas, book your slot now to avoid
disappointment. Deliveries to Bristol and the Chew Valley are free or you are welcome to pickup from Blagdon Butchers up to 13:00 on Saturday 24th December.

To order : download price list and order form (link at top of post) and please either email , call Blagdon Butchers directly on 01761 462 367 or pop into the butchers.

Please include the #’s as shown next to each item above, if ordering via email, please specific O for organic and NO for non-organic, please let us know the weight requested and how you
would like your joint prepared. We look forward to serving you over Christmas.



Here it is… Blagdon Butchers Christmas Price List for 2016

Our research of the “top turkey farmers” is complete and we have come up with the most delicious locally produced options below:

#37 Organic Bronze Free Range Turkeys 6 – 10kg – £16.99/kg
Information: Top quality Organic Bronze/free range Turkey ready for roasting. Serve 6-12ppl.
• Great quality, hung for 7 days.
• Reared on an organic farm and fed on high quality organic feed. One of the few organic turkey producers that hang and dry pluck their turkeys in the traditional way. They are hand
finished (this includes the the wing tips which we do not chop off) and then they are hung for at least 7 days in refrigerated storage rooms. The turkeys are then dressed in our purpose built preparation area. The turkeys in the supermarket are not the same.
• The Soil Association’s organic standards not only meet the UK government’s minimum requirements but exceed them – especially in areas concerning the environment and animal
welfare. They also develop standards for areas not covered by government or EU regulations.

#1 Local Somerset Bronze/Free Range Turkey 4 – 6.5kg – £12.99/kg
Information: Top quality Bronze/free range Turkey ready for roasting. Serve 6-10ppl.
More information about how they are bred:
• The turkeys are free to explore the Somerset countryside and given the time to grow and enjoy the good life outdoors. The turkeys are moved at night and processed onsite by a dedicated team to reduce the birds’ stress.
• We dry pluck our birds and leave them to mature for 10-14 days before preparing them for your roasting dish. This process is called ‘game hanging’, allowing the fat to marble and the meat to tenderise resulting in extremely tender and moist meat for melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness and resulting in fresh, delicious meat for your Christmas lunch.
#2 Local Taunton Turkey (Farm 1hr away) Bronze/Free Range Turkey – 5-10kg – £13.99/kg
Information: Serve 7-18 ppl
Hung for 10 days traditional turkeys. Farmer takes a lot of pride in his turkeys and knows his stuff. Larger sizes available than Somerset
Farmer above.
* Very popular and only 20 left so we would need to pre-order for you soon if you want to go with these turkeys.

#38 Organic Traditional Turkey 4 – 7kg – £16.50/kg or 7-9kg £14.99
Information: Organic Traditional Christmas Turkeys ready for roasting. Serve 5-10ppl.
More information about how they are bred:
Grown following soil association standards all our Turkeys enjoy a good life where they are free to roam our fields, given plenty of space, a natural diet and are never given hormones to make them grow quicker. These festive Turkeys are always a crowd pleaser, and all come full with giblets. All our Turkeys are hand plucked and packaged to ensure the highest quality Christmas bird.

#3 Local Somerset White Turkeys 4 – 6.5kg – £11.31/kg
Information: White Turkey ready for roasting. Serve 6-10 ppl.
#4 Local Taunton Turkey (Farm 1hr away) White Free Range Turkey – 5-10kg – £13.50/kg
Great quality hung for 10 days traditional turkeys. Farmer takes a lot of pride in his turkeys and knows his stuff. Smaller sizes available with this farmer.
* Very popular, 25 left in stock, so would need to pre-order soon if wanted to go with these turkeys.

We have also located a top of the range turkey supplier located 2 hours away (above Gloucestershire), this supplier has a very high profile and has been recommended by: TV Chefs, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson.
How they are bred: Bronze/Free Range Turkeys Hung for 10-12 days. Grown over a slow period of 24 weeks. Turkeys fed the farmers own home grown oats which keeps the turkey moist, not just the bog standard ration. Dry plucked and they hang their turkeys which improves the flavour and texture of meat. Turkeys available in the following sizes.
• #5 Bronze Turkeys, Free range – 5-7kg – £15.99
• #6 Bronze Turkeys, Free range – 8-10kg – £14.99
• #7 TURKEY CROWNS: – Turkey Crowns Free Range – £19.50/kg

How we will prepare these for you: We take the breast meat and the leg and thigh meat off the turkey and stuff the leg and thigh meat inside the breast meat. We then lovingly wrap the turkey in a roasting net ready for you for roasting.

So… “whats the difference between a bronze and white turkey”… you ask???
Bronze-Feathered Free Range Turkeys & Their Traditional White Cousins.
Bronze-feathered turkeys are distinguishable by their black feathers and are a slower-growing breed, which means they tend to boast full-flavoured meat with a wonderfully firm texture. These birds are fed a natural diet and have access to open pastures. This means they can come and go as they please, just like other free range birds. Bronze free range turkey meat is a shade darker than white free range turkey meat and has a subtle ‘gamey’ taste, bursting with natural juices. The Bronze was a result of breeding domestic free range turkeys brought over to America from Europe (18th century), with wild turkeys, resulting in a larger, meatier bird White free range turkey’s have a more delicate taste and are the more traditional option in Europe for
Christmas dinner. This variety of free range turkey is the most familiar to us.

BLAGDONS TURKEY TIP! : It’s all down to taste, but we believe the gamey and delicious flavour of the Bronze Free Range Turkeys give it a slight edge over it’s white cousin.